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Post your app to 30 app review sites
Post your Android app to 15k+ Google plus fans
Post your app to 30 app review sites
Tweet your app to 25k Twitter followers
Post your app to 50k Facebook fans
Post your Android app to 30k+ Google plus fans
Post your app to 30 app review sites
Tweet your app to 400k+ Twitter followers
Post your app to 2M+ Facebook fans
Post your Android app to 80k+ Google plus fans


Kickstart your app

Who doesn't want 100,000 downloads the first week? Kickstart your app by submitting it to 30 websites and millions of fans. The more downloads an app has the first month, the faster it crawls upon the lists.


Increase your downloads

Your app is already on Google Play but it needs more exposure? It's not even in the top 100 of its category? I can help you by submitting it to 30 quality websites and thousands of people.


Earn more money

More downloads mean more money. It's that simple. You can spend that extra money on ads, apps or you can buy yourself a new notebook (just what I did). It's your decision. The question is, will you spend a few bucks that you can easily earn back?


Get more ratings

More downloads mean that more people rate and comment on your app. The number of ratings is a good indicator of people interacting with your app. Build trust by having more ratings.


Go higher up the lists

There are more than 100 factors that determine your app's position on Google Play and the App Store. Some of the most important ones are the number of downloads and ratings.


Build an image

The more people use your app the more people talk about it. People talk about apps in person, on forums, on Facebook, Reddit etc. Also, many app review sites give a 24/7 media availability for press releases.


Tell people that you have a cool app

Publishing your app on Google Play is only the first step to get downloads. In order to get those downloads, you need to tell people that your app is here and you want them to download it. Google Play focuses primarily on the current hot apps and the chance that your app will be displayed on those charts is 0.0001%. Luckily, people read all kinds of stuff. If they read about your app (and they like what they read) they will go to Google Play and they will download it.

App reviews are good for app SEO

"Getting people to write about your app improves your search rankings in the Play Store". This advice was given by Patrick Mock at the Google IO in San Francisco (June 27-29 2012). This means, the app discovery algorithm works a bit like the ranking algorithm of websites. The more articles link to your app, the more chance you have that your app crawl higher up the lists.


Post your app to millions of fans

Like I said, people download apps only if they know they exist. That's why people are joining groups and communities on social platforms. They all know the hot apps and they want to learn about cool new apps. This is where I come in because I not only submit your Android or iOS app to app review sites but I will post your app to these groups, communities and everywhere else people can be found.



Seriously recommended. It pushed my app to #22 from #79 in the Health category.

Chris Wilson


$39 is ridicuously low for such a service. I earned it back in just 2 days.

Jian Genovana


I wanted to do the submissions on my own but it was too tiring. I'm lucky I found this website!

Jr. Max


Well done! I was ambigous at first, but I have to say, this was worth every penny.

Azreena Kamaruddin


My game received 36 comments the first week. I'm gonna be a returning customer!

Melinda Lovas


Extremely useful service. I saved a lot of time and thumbs up for your blog!

Akos Farago


How will I know that my app was submitted?

After the submission process is finished I will send you a complete press kit containing an Excel file with the list of the websites with screenshots I submitted your app to.

How long does the submission process take?

I need about 4 hours to submit your app to the app review sites and social groups and communities. Due to orders in line it may take up to 2 days.

Will you submit my paid app?

In case of Android, I won't. The teams behind these app review sites won't pay for an app to make a review of it. In case of iOS, if you send me a promo code, I will submit your app wherever it's possible.

Will you submit my app for paid reviews?

A website that takes a review seriously asks for at least $50. The $29 fee you pay me does not cover these costs, so I can only submit your mobile app to free app review sites.

Can I ask you to submit my app to more websites for a higher fee?

Many websites suggest that you should submit your app to as many app review sites as possible. Unfortunately this is not true. Most app review sites and app directories are so small that they receive only a few visitors per day. Why would we waste our time contacting them?

Are the social fans real people?

YES! I will post your app to real and active users. I do not use bots and do not post to bots or fake people.

How many installs will I get for my money?

That depends on your app. If you have a unique app with great features, or a new game with exciting gameplay and beautiful graphics, then the app review sites may consider writing about it. If you have read everything above, you understand that what I do here as promotion can be done by anyone who has enough time to curate a list and submit apps on websites and social sites. This means I don't have any influence on if the sites will write about your app, or if people will install it. If you want to spend your time on other things, then I'm your man.