5 questions to ask about your app

As a developer you think differently than the average user who downloads your mobile app. Most developers forget to think with the users’ head and that results in disappointed users, complaints and bad reviews. That’s why after testing your app you should ask others to try it out.


Is it obvious what your app does?

You wouldn’t think but your app may not seem as obvious to others as it seems to you. It can easily happen that people won’t know how to play your game, even if you added a tutorial. Click here to see why I don’t suggest adding a tutorial to your game. You might ask: how come you don’t know how to play? You just need to draw lines among the circles! And they might answer: I didn’t know that! or I see, but what happens when I draw lines? What’s the goal of this game? Before publishing the app, give it to your friends and watch carefully what they are doing with it. Only ask questions, if they are stuck, otherwise let them ask. Remember, you won’t be able to ask your future users questions. Respond to any feedback and modify your app accordingly. They are your first users, which makes them important. Once your app is out, use analytics to see how people interact with your app. No one reaches level 6? Maybe level 5 is too hard. Maybe the Next button is not visible on smaller screens or too small on extra large screens. Use analytics from day 1.

Is it easy to use the app? Is it user-friendly?

Understanding what your app does is one thing. Making it user-friendly is also important. It’s not easy to make an app look attractive, but you can make your users nervous by using wrong colors. Don’t use white on yellow and especially ignore red on blue. These combinations are hard to perceive for people and you also have to take the wide variety of phones into consideration meaning colors are displayed differently on phones.
When your users don’t know how to go to the next level in an app (happened to me), they are more likely to quit and may never come back. What’s more nerve-racking is when they can’t quit the app (happened to me) or when they are constantly flooded with advertisements (also happened to me). Choosing the right ad unit has a significant effect on the rating of your app.

Do you miss certain from the app?

They may want more levels in the free version of your app. Or they may want to share the results via Facebook…why did you built only Twitter in the app? I was once the tester of my friends app, which by the way turned out to a great game. However, there were many things they forgot to implement in the app. First, the levels were created randomly and not in order of difficulty. Second, once you performed a level, nothing told you at which level you were. Third, since the levels were created randomly, you couldn’t choose them. I told them to ask 9 more people, write down and send me their feedback. I was told that 5 out of that 9 people missed almost the same things I did.

Would you do something differently?

This is very similar to the previous question, but it is phrased differently. To get the best feedback, you need to ask the right questions. Ask if there is anything they would do differently. Maybe they would leave out some things, there may be unnecessary elements and text, too complex settings, too many buttons or simply not enough information.

Did you experience any crashes?

This is a very important question. Ask them if the app froze or closed itself and ask them to repeat the steps. An error might not occur until the fifth time you do something and it’s also possible that it occurs on certain operating system versions or devices. E.g. Samsung manages the SD card differently than other manufacturers or opening the gallery on KitKat does not work with the code you used on previous versions and vice versa. I wrote about this in my article on 5 things to do before you publish your mobile app.

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Balint Farago

Entrepreneur, startup enthusiast, gadget fan. I travel a lot and in the meantime I develop and promote mobile apps.

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