Some daily app statistics are currently experiencing delays. We expect to resolve the issue shortly.


It’s been six days since Google Developer statistics have gone AWOL. No install statistics are displayed for this period which is a real bummer.

Some daily app statistics are currently experiencing delays. We expect to resolve the issue shortly.

The real losers of this black-out are those who recently published an app because they cannot monitor the daily installs nor any stats like the countries the apps are downloaded from.
The good news is that the crash reports are not affected so you can safely update your apps. You just won’t know how many people download them. On the other hand, if your app has a login option and you save user data and the last login date in an external database then you have current information about the installs. This is how I know that though the ranking of the apps are not changing in these days, if anyone experiences a decrease in the daily installs, that’s not because of this glitch.

Another good news is that the AdMob revenue is unaffected as well. I’m still earning the average amount for all my apps.

Any new statistics that appear on the All Applications screen will be corrected soon. I thought someone rated one of my apps 5 star, though this was quickly reverted the next day meaning something serious is happening at Google.

It can be annoying not being able to see how many are downloading our apps and some are already afraid that their downloads have decreased due to this issue. Guys, please remain calm, this is just a temporary statistics delay and the downloads are not affected. Everything will be back to normal soon, we just have to wait till Google finishes whatever it’s doing in the background.

Since this happened before, in June this year, it looks like Google Developer stats are frequently delayed and developers are expecting an explanation in vain.

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Balint Farago

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  • satyendra singh

    I want to know why the ads not appearing in my app?

    I added admob ad-unit id in my java file and reached 65+ downloads with 45 review with ratings and comments also,
    but the ads not appearing.

    Can you please tell me the problem.